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  • Chen Trast Cleaning & Repair Workshop

    Our professionals are handpicked for being the best in the industry.

  • From home repairs and installations to regular maintenance, you can count on our experienced technicians to provide long-lasting solutions of the highest quality.

Cleaning Services

Set Up a Cleaning Plan

You can choose a weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning plan. We schedule your recurring bookings to make things easy - but don’t worry, you can always reschedule if things change.

Manage Everything Online

Rescheduling and contacting your professional is just a tap away.

Sit Back and Relax

An experienced, fully-equipped housekeeping professional will be there on time.

Other Services

Gutter Maintenance

We guarantee the use of proper equipment, and that the job will be done right. Our handymen use a specific gutter vacuum system that does not even require the use of a ladder.

Furniture Assembly

Everyone has experienced the frustration of buying a piece of furniture only to find out that they are required to assemble it themselves. Many people prefer to have someone else do it, rather than pretending to be handy themselves.


Painting is an age-old chore. You can have your whole house painted or order a smaller paint job (doors, mailboxes, fences, and more).

Skills Handyworkers Should Possess

  • Multitasking and time management

    Handyworkers often complete several projects for one client or multiple projects for different people. Even within one company, projects may be assigned by different teams and leaders, requiring a handyperson to prioritize tasks and break down projects into manageable parts.


    A handyman might have to work with other trade specialists, such as plumbers, roofers and electricians, to complete a job. They will have to understand how to share skills and knowledge, take direction and give direction when needed.


Chen Trast

Founder of Chen Trast Cleaning & Repair Workshop

I have established Chen Trast Cleaning & Repair Workshop with the goal of it being a model of excellence for the home service industry. In addition to bringing their experience, our handyworkers will bring all the tools required to get the job done. All you need to do is tell us your address.


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